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Fast Solution to Error: Can't get Homegroup to work in Windows 7.

Can't get Homegroup I Am Getting A Message "close_focus.png" to work in Windows 7.

After recovering from my system being hacked How To Uninstall Windows Xp From A Windows 7 Dual Boot and cleaning my system my Home Group does 3 Updates Won't Install And Error Code 646 (KB979895, KB 978380 And KB978382) not work any more.
I have left Home Group on both PCs that I am trying to link to and then recreated a new Home Group on my main PC and when I went to try and join on
the other one it only gives me Help With Saving An Outline the option to Create New Troubleshoot:Can I Run an Add-in with a macro? Error Group.
Once PC lists Home Network as Network 3 and the other lists it as Network 3.79 Gig Usable From 4 Gig Installed Memory 2.
The are both connected to the same WiFi network.
I have even tried the Fix It tool for Home Group and that failed to install and gave me an error that it was expired.
I am currently running Microsoft Security Essentials and the stock Windows Firewall.
The main PC is connected via ethernet to my Netgear
N600 wireless router and the other is connected via WiFi.
I am also running into challenges with both PCs seeing my stereo receiver that is also connected to the network via WiFi for audio streaming.
I am trying to be able to Troubleshooting:Can I filter on 2 colors? Error stream via DLNA feature.
have spent upwards of Why Cann't I Play Videos On Internet Explorer 10. I Have Flash But How Do I Enable It? 12 hours + working to try to solve this issue and I have gotten no where.

Anwsers to the Problem Can't get Homegroup to work in Windows 7.

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