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Mormon fundamentalism is decidedly hierarchal as are many organized religions but in the case of Mormon fundamentalism there are also the factors of polygamy and patriarchy which are not merely cultural elements but are actual tenets or requirements in order to receive salvation. There is much dysfunction and mismanagement of Why You Shouldn't Bother About Hoodia Side Effects power because of the lack of democracy in these groups. Any time an organization develops a pecking order there is loss of power for some and excess of power for others creating an imbalance. It may be said that to remove the hierarchy would resolve this dilemma and create a maytenthbloglinks democratic environment.

But hierarchies are not always dysfunctional. Consider a pack of wolves. It is a form of hierarchy where one's rank must be earned but there is a distinctive democratic element. One is not arbitrarily ranked but is free as an individual to act. Any wolf within the pack can challenge the alpha male. The alpha male can be replaced easily by another male that can defeat the alpha in a test of strength, courage and endurance. The pack members follow the toughest and most able leader. The females will only mate with a male that has proven his fitness for the job. Once the ranking is established everyone accepts their place and there is group solidarity and cohesion.

Mormon fundamentalists have established their own pack; but it lacks democracy. Men do not challenge the leaders and women do not challenge their husbands and children do not challenge their parents. This has a A Simples Life, From Meerkat Mansion polarizing effect keeping the Brief Guide to Finding the Best Oregon Wineries weak and the strong separated and preventing the exchange of power. The argument is made that all individuals are not equal. A child is not equal to a Error 21 parent for example in Putting into effect a complete Green Supply Chain Soon experience or development. Democracy does not claim equality of individuals but equality of opportunity. It is diversity and 0x000f change that is at the premise of creation and survival. Humans are social creatures and seek out groups to ensure Error 3221225572 (0xc0000064). survival as well as companionship. But it is this tendency toward tribalism that has created so many of the existing problems with any social order from large corporations to the military to organized religion. But social groups can work if there is freedom and individuality.

A good example is the common book club. Membership into the group is voluntary. Everyone in the group agrees to read the same book then meets together to discuss different perspectives and viewpoints. The club or group benefits from the contributions of each individual member but only when all members are encouraged to express their opinions particularly when those opinions differ from the other members. The foundation of the group is built upon freedom of choice while individuality is the life's blood of the group. It is the freedom that allows the group to develop and grow and the individuality that keeps it alive. There may be many levels of intellect, some greater and some lesser but there is equal opportunity for all.

But there is catch to social orders and groups: the need to belong. We will often tolerate much that we don't like in order to belong. In herds of wild horses the worst punishment the matriarch of the herd can inflict on an unruly member is rejection. All the horses turn their backs to the member being punished. It is very effective and it isn't long before the outcast is humbled and begs back into the herd. The need to belong becomes a crutch with the need for approval following on the heels belonging. Acceptance of the tribe limits free thought Errore Update 80244020 and the expression thereof. Freedom comes with a high price tag that many folks aren't willing to pay.

In early human history, freedom was a currency that was exchanged for the security of belonging and survival. Tribes were formed and civilizations arose while freedom and individuality waned. Organized religion is a tribe that centers on spiritual survival rather than physical survival. Freedom is exchanged for the security of the promise of salvation. The group connects and forms bonds based on similarities while rejecting the one thing that would prevent it from becoming corrupt: differences.

Individuality and freedom magnify the polarities of human nature. But it also offers human development an opportunity to evolve beyond survival of the fittest. Before democratic communal living can work the individual must be fully developed and liberated. Civilizations have risen and fallen because they failed to recognize the power of the individual to drive change and being unwilling to adapt to change, they failed. In order for civilizations to last they must never become static.

A good example of this is the TV series ER. It has run now for fourteen years. While other dramas come and go it has had the staying power those others shows have simply run out of. Why? The answer is simple. The show has a revolving cast. It is in a constant state of change bringing new characters and different dilemmas to the forefront. But this created a conflict. Would the show lose its following of viewers if it Windows Xp 736 Error killed off the cast? Several major characters have died on the show and are replaced. Did ER lose some of its viewers? Yes; only to gain new viewers. The argument can be made that you shouldn't eliminate characters from a show that is distinctly character driven. It would appear to be television suicide. ER does something unique from other medical dramas. When the characters have been fully exhausted instead of recycling the characters with redundant issues they are iPhone Mockups: Creation and Validation replaced by fresh new faces with new crises to resolve. This is the secret to the show's longevity.

Likewise, Mormon fundamentalism has reached a pivot point. It has fully exhausted its resources and its ideals. It will either reform itself or it will fall. Like empires of the past that have imploded because of hubris and denial of freedoms Mormon fundamentalism has become top-heavy. It is an authority driven society that limits freedom and creates spiritual dependency. Solidarity is based upon twin fears: fear of the outside world and fear of rejection from within. Individuals within Mormon fundamentalism must challenge the system and allow the old to die to make room for the new.

Individuality is the foundation for reform and without freedom individuality is sacrificed on the altar of security. In the words of Benjamin Franklin, "Anyone willing to trade freedom for security deserves neither freedom nor security." Mormon fundamentalism does not deserve the security or the protection of the constitution unless it is willing to establish a freer environment, one that offers equal opportunity to its members. It can reform itself and must reform itself by respecting individuality and freedom as the cornerstones of lasting societies.

Susanna Barlow is the 23rd child of 46 children, the quintessential middle child. Her fundamentalist religious upbringing shaped her life, her values, and her views on literally everything. Though no longer affiliated with polygamous groups on a religious level, she is surrounded by family & friends who practice polygamy. For more information, visit: Susanna Barlow.

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